• “O, people, learn to dance; Or else the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you.”

    — St. Augustine

  • Poverty is about bad breaks and inability to purchase what one needs. Irresponsibility is about poor planning, sloppiness, and not paying attention. Irresponsibility deserves logical consequences, while poverty […]

  • Organizations and leaders operate with three motivations:  profit, votes, and love.  Businesses tend to go for profit, which usually creates good service, but not always.  Politicians seek votes, which usually […]

  • Every one of us spends at least a portion of our lives imprisoned to prejudices, fears, grief, trauma, hatred, hurt.  Some never are freed from this mere existence, but for those of us fortunate enough to be […]

  • Each Thanksgiving about 40 in my family gather in a circle before the big feast, and each person is asked to share something he or she is thankful for from the past year.  Many expressions are the usual–gratitude […]

  • My extended family meets at Mount Eagle conference center in central Arkansas every Thanksgiving.  It is a wonderful same-time-next-year gathering that binds us in shared joy and love.  I relish the distance from […]

  • I’ve been teaching parent education classes for years, and each class has two components that are amazingly helpful to parents.

    First is that a little bit of development and relationship information–facts […]

  • As a pastoral counselor at the Church Health Center I hear stories of despair and depression everyday. Because our patients are economically poor, I don’t notice upswings like the Crisis Center hotline is […]

  • The one who is in the most danger for destroying one’s life because of gun possession (through injury, death, or jail) is the gun owner. Why keep a weapon that lends itself to expressing power by violence, especially when we’re angry? Most of the anger we feel in our lives is at those we love [...]