• Guns have become an idol for many gun owners in our affluent North American society. Guns can become idols of power, steel craftsmanship, and independence. Guns are false idols, guns cannot reason, forgive or save. Guns deceive by promising power, but real power does not come in the form of a weapon.

  • What is your favorite verse of holy scripture and why? “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want…” Psalm 23 Psalm 23 meets me at the level of my deepest need, to let go and let God be God. If the Lord is my shepherd, then all of my needs are in the [...]

  • Is imposition of the death penalty a political/partisan matter or a religious/moral matter? Why is the death penalty largely being carried out in the South? Should Tennessee abolish the death penalty? The death penalty is a justice issue. Only the poor and those with inadequate legal representation are sentenced to receive capital punishment.…[Read more]

  • In 140 characters or less (Twitter’s limit per Tweet), can you sum up your personal faith? In other words, Tweet your faith to Memphis. Or Tweet your faith message to Memphis.

    “I am Cliff in whom Christ dwells and delights and I live in the bountiful Kingdom of God.”

  • A few months before he was killed in the line of duty, Memphis Police Officer Timothy Warren made a YouTube video expressing his deep internal struggle between his “Two Paths” – between a Christian “life of service, compassion, seeking and forbearance” and a life in “police authority, command and governance.” “Which path to follow?” Officer Warren [...]

  • As a religious leader in Memphis, what do you want to say to the community about the subject of race? Jesus taught, “My house shall be a house of prayer for all people.” It is clear theologically that God created all people and that the family of God includes all nationalities and ethnic groups. This fact [...]

  • What tests my faith in Memphis? What gives me faith in Memphis? I have faith that God is working in Memphis. I see God at work in the  Church Health Center , MIFA and in the Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network. Memphis is a city with great churches, ministries, and of course, people. Memphis is blessed with wonderful natural [...]