• “Never, never, never give up.”

    — Winston Churchill

  • I fell a deep sadness as I receive the news of the death of this great man whose goodness, courage, commitment to freedom and equality for all persons reached into the darkest corners of our world and into our own […]

  • “O give thanks unto the LORD for God is good” was the motivation of that first feast day in 1621as the pilgrims and the Wampanoags shared in the success of the pilgrim’s first harvest. This national day of thanks […]

  • It is understandable that Memphians have concern about more taxation; however, there is no disagreement among educators that pre-K education reduces dramatically the incidence of children falling behind by the […]

  • We know that economic and interpersonal stresses increase vulnerability to mental illness and depression and that we live in very challenging times. We give thanks for those that give their time to the Memphis […]

  • A people reconciled — where truth and justice, humility and kindness, generosity and magnanimity become the norm; a restoration of the dignity of all persons, a shared leadership. Why? for the common good of all persons in our city.

  • How do you define dying well? Dying well includes preparing well for the end of life…making out and updating a will, signing a Living Will, discussing your final preparations with your family and being good stewards of one’s hard earned resources in order to have something to give away for those worthy community causes one values [...]

  • What is your favorite verse of holy scripture and why? There are so many scriptures that speak as the “Living Word” at various stages of life, for different situations. To select just one is difficult but a life verse that was claimed for me by my parents when I was just a child was Ephesians 3:20: [...]

  • What is your reaction to the Freedom from Religion Foundation suing the Memphis City Council? As people of faith it is our responsibility to pray for the welfare of our city. The Memphis City Council, I believe, understands this. However, our Constitution provides us with the precious and costly freedom–freedom of religion–the freedom to pray and [...]

  • Our Baptist Joint Commission for Religious Liberty in our nation’s capital has issued some very fine statements on Obama’s new, broadened policy which expands the religious accommodation and requires insurance companies to offer contraceptive services free of charge directly to employees at religious institutions that object to providing them. As…[Read more]

  • Should grieving be considered a psychiatric disorder? How do you define grief? How do you counsel or minister to those who are grieving? Can/should grief be medicated? As a Christian minister, in consultation with my two adult children who are psychiatrists, I would respond to this important life issue and present debate in this way. Grief [...]

  • President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address one week on Jan. 24. If you could address the nation next week, how would you describe the Spiritual State of the Union? What a challenging question you have posed as we anticipate our President’s State of the Union Address. As I review the state of [...]

  • If an entire community could make a New Year’s Resolution, what should ours be for 2012?

    Perhaps, the angelic chorus in Luke’s gospel has given us the words to sing all together in harmony as we resolutely begin a new year: a collective striving for “peace on earth, goodwill toward all persons.”

  • In recent weeks, the Occupy Wall Street protests have drawn attention to the issue of economic disparities in America. Those facts seem particularly significant here in the poorest big city in America. Do too few have too much money and power? What values are at issue here and how should we process these protests? When too [...]

  • What was (or is) your reaction to this photo? What are your hopes (or prayers) for the new board? Seeing the unified school board standing hand in hand with heads bowed, a position of humility with the realization that the task before us is larger than one person and even one body, was a sign of [...]

  • Serious offenses by juveniles are down nearly 10 percent this year in Shelby County. Some numbers are even more encouraging. This year, FOUR minors have been charged with murder; 15 years ago the number was 50. How do we explain this? Why do you think we’re experiencing such a dramatic decline in youth violence? Obviously, a [...]

  • Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. How has America changed since then? How did 9/11 change faith in America? What impact did 9/11 have on the soul of America? What happened on 9/11 was horrifying and heart wrenching. A disbelieving America stood in shocked silence, the very fabric of our complacent society torn [...]

  • Should the public school systems in Shelby County allow students who are home-schooled to participate in their sports programs? The goal is consolidation in every facet of our community — unity to strengthen our community, all of us together working for the common good. Allowing home-schooled children to participate in the sports program of the…[Read more]

  • President Obama came to Memphis this week and spoke to the 2011 Class of Booker T. Washington High School about the value of education and dedication. What message do you have for this year’s graduates at BTW and other schools across the community? The President’s visit to Memphis was an encouragement to us all and we [...]

  • How should people of faith respond to the death of Osama bin Laden?

    Yes, we are relieved when evil is overcome and extremely grateful for those who risk their lives in the pursuit of peace. As people of faith this should always be our highest goal. “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

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