• I spent Thursday night watching Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Hooks walk hand in hand across the dais of The Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ on WKNO-TV. In the video, Mandela, who was in Memphis in […]

  • I spent about an hour in Mayor Wharton’s office listening to Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong talk about the family of slain police officer Lang. The weapon used to take Officer Lang’s life was stolen. It was the same kind of automatic weapon used by the shooter in Newtown, Conn., to take the lives of [...]

  • What should we – individually and collectively – be doing differently about hunger issues in our community? To begin to deal with a problem as pervasive as food insecurity is in the Mid-South, you have to begin by acknowledging some truths. Since 2010, citizens of the Mid-South have had the opportunity to read, to see and [...]

  • By Carla Meisterman Special to The Commercial Appeal Because of my work with organizations such as MIFA, the Mid-South Food Bank and Seedco, I am learning a lot about hunger in our city. The statistics are startling. In Shelby County today, more than 263,000 people — or 28 percent (nearly 1 in 3 people) — receive SNAP [...]

  • Memphis City Council member Shea Flinn wants the the city to study the idea of creating an ‘adult entertainment district’ for strip clubs and other sex-oriented businesses. He wants a committee to look into a possible location as well as answer the question whether “this is the right thing to do.” Is it the right thing [...]

  • In a world in which most religions begin with God the Father or some sort of male image of the divine, and are founded by male figures such as Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad, do we undervalue Motherhood or the role of women in faith? I grew up in a home where there was definitely a [...]

  • What do you think of the mayors’ Faith-based Partnership to End Homelessness? Will your congregation participate? Will you encourage your congregation to do so? Is this a good approach? The best approach? Our congregation has invited Katie Kitchen, Director for the Mayors’ efforts to address homelessness in our city, to speak to us during Lent about [...]

  • What concerns you most about Memphis? I am concerned that residents of the Memphis metropolitan area do not recognize the possibilities for transformative action that are all around us. We are a city that is bursting with opportunity to make transformative changes in the lives of our residents and the life of our community. We have [...]

  • As a member of the community of faith in the Memphis area, what are you thankful for and why – in 50 words or less? “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ( I Thessalonians 5:18 ) I have discovered a dimension in [...]

  • Carla Meisterman posted an update: 4 years ago

    Our City…Hungry for Understanding
    When you start with the fact that in order to be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner at school, your parent(s) cannot make any more than $22,350 for a family of four – and then you realize that Memphis was designated the city with the highest hunger statistics in the nation in 2010 – it is hard for me to…[Read more]

  • Tell us a funny faith-related story. Make us laugh. Each Sunday at Balmoral Presbyterian Church, I make my way to the door of the sanctuary to greet members of our congregation as they depart from worship. One Sunday morning a young mother approached me with her elderly grandmother at her side. As I leaned down to [...]

  • As a Presbyterian, and a minister in The Presbyterian Church (USA), I cannot look at these questions without remembering my denomination’s long and illustrious tradition of valuing the cultivation of intellect through excellent education. We are people who value education and the use of our intellectual capacity in our life of faith. John Calvin, who [...]

  • What gives you hope? Wednesday I had a long lunch with my friend, a conservative Jew. We get together monthly to meet and talk about church and synagogue, administration and personal care, family and faith. It is Passover for her, Holy Week for me. She had the day off. I was still juggling remnants of angst [...]