• An Open Letter to James Woods

    I read with interest the article by Commercial Appeal’s Wendi Thomas as she informed us of your series of tweets challenging Attorney General Eric Holder to come to Memphis to […]

  • Hip hop first introduced me to Nelson Mandela and his struggle for human rights. Groups like Stesasonic with their Free South Africa introduced me and a lot of hip hop inspired activists to learn more about this […]

  • André Johnson changed their profile picture 2 years, 7 months ago

  • André Johnson changed their profile picture 2 years, 7 months ago

  • How do you define dying well? When a person is actively dying, I always try to honor the wishes of the individual and family. I attempt to stand with the family on the decisions made and try to pronounce grace and help discern God’s presence in the situation. But I also believe that it is important [...]

  • This week the Faith in Memphis panel reflects on the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. For people of faith, what the Aurora massacre demonstrates is that we need not only a healthy discussion on guns and how we should go about creating safer communities (and what constitutes a safe community), but also a conversation on [...]

  • Despite apocryphal stories telling of the end of civilization (or at least the institution of marriage), President Obama’s announcement last week concerning same sex marriage did not change one thing. He clearly said it was a personal decision for him and shared with us how he arrived at his “evolved” position. I have been listening [...]

  • Is imposition of the death penalty a political/partisan matter or a religious/moral matter? Why is the death penalty largely being carried out in the South? Should Tennessee abolish the death penalty? I will address the questions in the order given. First, the death penalty is a religious/moral matter which gets tangled up in the political and [...]

  • What concerns you most about Memphis? What concerns me about Memphis (and indeed the country) is that we still have trouble talking about race and race related issues. Many of our problems are rooted in an inability to talk about race and racism. We cannot even agree on the definition of the terms. Moreover, I am [...]

  • Should grieving be considered a psychiatric disorder? How do you define grief? How do you counsel or minister to those who are grieving? Can/should grief be medicated? In my experience as a minister and just living in this world, I can attest that grief is a powerful, humbling, and crippling emotion. As I wrestle with this [...]

  • Does God care who wins football games? And what do you think of Tim Tebow and his public displays of devotion? I want to start by saying that I have no problem at all with Tim Tebow and I can understand some of the fascination with him. As he illustrates in the commercial, “ They Said ,” many [...]

  • If an entire community could make a New Year’s Resolution, what should ours be for 2012? We should resolve to be more patient, more understanding and more appreciative next year. We should resolve to share more, love more, serve more and hope more. We should resolve to listen more, talk less, discern more, vilify less. We [...]

  • In 50 words or less send a holiday greeting to the Memphis community. What is your holiday wish your fellow Memphis area residents?

    I wish everyone a blessed and purposeful holiday season. May the Creator’s kindness and love magnify throughout our lives and may we all have eyes to see.

  • As a member of the community of faith in the Memphis area, what are you thankful for and why – in 50 words or less? I am thankful for family and friends. I am also thankful for my church family (G’Life). I am thankful for the many blessings I receive daily and the many opportunities that [...]

  • In recent weeks, the Occupy Wall Street protests have drawn attention to the issue of economic disparities in America. Those facts seem particularly significant here in the poorest big city in America. Do too few have too much money and power? What values are at issue here and how should we process these protests? In reflecting [...]

  • When someone we know is nearing death, how do we help them die with dignity? How do we help the family navigate the medical desire to preserve life at all cost? How can we prepare to die with dignity? I start by saying that it is hard to talk about dying when we are always focusing [...]

  • In 140 characters or less (Twitter’s limit per Tweet), can you sum up your personal faith? In other words, Tweet your faith to Memphis. Or Tweet your faith message to Memphis.

    Faith for me is living as if the incarnation (God in/as Jesus) happened and really matters. It’s putting belief into action.

  • Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. How has America changed since then? How did 9/11 change faith in America? What impact did 9/11 have on the soul of America? Typically, in the midst of tragedy and its aftermath, people experiencing the tragedy have an opportunity to grow and develop. They have an opportunity [...]

  • The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial will be dedicated Sunday in Washington. It will be the first monument on the National Mall to honor a non-president. What is Dr. King’s religious and spiritual legacy? How did his ministry influence your own? Despite not dedicating the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on Sunday as planned because of [...]

  • These are fretful times. The economy seems to be in another tailspin. We’re witnessing gridlock in Washington, panic on Wall Street, riots in London, high unemployment and budget cuts all around. Are these difficulties strictly economic and political, or are there moral, ethical and spiritual dimensions to our economic woes? How are these…[Read more]

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