Helping others experience the fullness of life

December 3, 2011 in Question of the Week, Spotlight Answers, What are your thoughts about organ donation? by Steve Montgomery

What are your thoughts about Father Val’s donation as well as organ donation in general? Have you stated your intent to be an organ donor on the back of your driver’s license? Why or why not? Do you know anyone who has donated organs or received organ transplants?

Several years ago I officiated at a very sad funeral.  A bright, engaging 21 year old had been killed in an automobile accident.  There is very little, if anything, that can redeem a situation like that. However, he had made a point of checking the back of his drivers license, and because of that, every available organ went to help others experience the fullness of life.

For me, this is a question of stewardship. God has given us our bodies, and we have the responsibility and joy of sharing them, sometimes like Father Val during our lives;  at  other times, after our deaths.

I am in awe of what my friend Val did.  I know of few other pastors (or others) who would be that self-giving and sacrificial.  It turns out that he not only preaches a fine sermon and is a caring priest, but more deeply he is a child of God who understands what it means to glorify God and enjoy God.