Content of his character

December 6, 2013 in Featured Question of the Week, Nelson Mandela, Question of the Week, Spotlight Answers by Val Handwerker

On February 11, 2000, more than 900 persons–half of them African-Americans, half Caucasians–packed into Golden Leaf Baptist Church in North Memphis. It was an ecumenical meeting of a community- organizing group. I can remember how word spread quickly that Nelson Mandela had been just released from prison after 27 years. The excitement was palpable, especially among African-American clergy. In the subsequent years President Mandela especially showed his greatness and character. He could have understandably given into bitterness and revenge. Instead he led by reconciliation of the races while still giving focus to the poor. Churches preach reconciliation and forgiveness and justice. Nelson Mandela clearly lived it on the world stage.