Hard times, more needs

November 5, 2013 in Featured Question of the Week, Question of the Week, Spotlight Answers, Tithing decline by Brandon Porter

First of all I believe the recent steady decline in tithing has much to do with both of the mention concerns, the Economy and the Church! Reason being most people have fear because fear is a result of narrowed vision. Look at the word FEAR Faithless Encounters Allowing Restrictions! Most of us have little to no faith in the Government regardless of our party persuasion. Especially with the recent gov-shutdown!  However, it points back to the church as well, because it is our responsibility to teach our attendees the need to have total trust in God and not Gov! We pray for our Government but we pray TO our God!

Though many persons have suffered economic debacles it is apparent that all have not lost Money but more so Faith! Therein is the responsibility of the church and that is to continue to preach and teach FAITH. I believe that Faith is our Ability to Expect God’s Best!

Hard times are nothing new to many of us because we have been here before. Paul has an incredible teaching on giving to the church at Corinth in 2Corinthians chapter 8…a must read however he tells of how the Macedonia Church gave beyond what they theoretically could afford and why! The reason they did it was because of their commitment to God, his Servants and the Purpose! The bottom line is whereever there is Commitment and Purpose Giving will follow. I call it the 3 M’s Ministry = Members = Money…which comes for more ministry and continues the cycle. Keep a pure cause and even poor people will as Paul says will Have Faith To Help!