Calling All Saints app

April 5, 2013 in An App for That, Featured Question of the Week, Question of the Week, Spotlight Answers by Nicholas Vieron

Because I am excited with my new “toy” – my iPhone 5 – I think I would greatly enjoy such an application. However, if such an application were around years ago, perhaps I would not be here today! But in my retirement years I feel as if very few would criticize an old priest who at 87 tries to remain active. Therefore, I say install it. Let’s name it, “Calling All Saints!”

I am blessed with several young people willing to help. I find a similarity, a parallel if you will, of such an application with our weekly Faith in Memphis program which provides a platform for many of us. We ministers remain grateful to The Commercial Appeal not only for the “platform” but especially for the embrace it extends to us and to our people. Many CA readers eagerly anticipate the Saturday morning edition!