Sewing better seeds

February 1, 2013 in Featured Question of the Week, Question of the Week, The Question by L. LaSimba Gray, Jr.

First of all, I applaud the efforts of Mayor Wharton and President Obama. We are without options, change must come. Youth have guns because misguided adults provide them with guns and teach them the use of guns. We now have a culture that is fascinated with guns and at the same time has no respect for human life.

Following the Civil War, militia groups emerged to protect the purity of white women and racial superiority. Some of these groups further developed into the Ku Klux Klan, White Citizens Council and Neo Nazi groups. Following the Civil-Rights Movement, these same  militia groups gathered up their children, went into remote camp grounds and trained them for the “race war”.  Hours and resources were spent teaching hate, distrust and no tolerance of other groups of human beings that did not look like themselves. Once the brainwashing had taken hold, these young people were trained to think like soldiers and how to use military weapons. In the urban centers of  America, young men were recruited and trained to sell drugs. The were drilled on marketing and protecting their markets. this protection was based on the use of guns.

The role of the faith community is to create the ground swell of support among the rank and file citizens to lobby state and federal lawmakers to change our policy on access to assault weapons and the easy access to guns by criminals, brainwashed individuals and mentally ill persons.

For the past 150 years we have allowed some bad seed to be planted in the American soil and some dangerous and destructive crops are being harvested. Let us be reminded; the “Wild, Wild West” was not won with weapons but the word of God.