The standard for Christian faith and practice is the Bible

March 2, 2012 in Question of the Week, What is the role of clergy during presidential campaigns? by David E. Leavell

In a recent interview, Rev. Franklin Graham questioned the Christian credentials of President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He apologized Tuesday for questioning President Obama’s faith. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, members of the NAACP’s religious roundtable called on Graham and all Christian leaders to “refrain from using Christianity as a weapon of political division.” As we approach Super Tuesday, what do you make of this controversy? Who, if anyone, can define our faith for us? Politicians have always used faith as a weapon of political division, but should clergy be held to a higher standard? What is the role of clergy during presidential campaigns?

The standard for faith and practice in orthodox Christianity is the Bible. Rev Graham evidently felt that a democrat and a republican fell outside the norm of orthodox Christianity. He is entitled to his opinion. In a day where toleration is becoming the “highest good of our society,” his comments may seem stringent. It is difficult to understand the religious roundtable’s comments since Rev. Graham did not isolate his comments to one particular party but toward two politicos with ideologically different perspectives. President Obama and Mitt Romney are already politically divided. Rev. Graham didn’t add to that by his comments.