‘Give all you have to God’

March 16, 2012 in Question of the Week, Spotlight Answers, What are some faith-based principles for dealing with money? by Mark Matheny

Times are tough. Money is tight. Unemployment is high. Consumer debt is high. It’s hard to save and harder to give. Offer our readers some faith-based financial counsel.

What do you tell people about spending and debt and consumerism? What do you tell them about saving and giving? What are some faith-based principles for dealing with money?

We try to approach things in the Wesleyan spirit. In one of his most powerful sayings, John Wesley proclaimed, “Gain all you can, without hurting either yourself or your neighbor…save all you can, by cutting off every expense which serves only to indulge foolish desire…waste nothing…—and then give all you can, or, in other words, give all you have to God.”

During Lent but also throughout the year, I keep discovering that austerity, especially on eating habits, is one of my greatest challenges. I need to lose at least 15 pounds, and how about our region’s ranking in overall stats on obesity? We have a long way to go!