Walking the walk and talking the talk

January 14, 2012 in Does God care who wins football games?, Question of the Week by Larry Lloyd

Does God care who wins football games? And what do you think of Tim Tebow and his public displays of devotion?

God and Football. Well, it is interesting that Jesus chose 12 disciples, one of whom got sidelined, leaving a pretty skimpy lineup for today’s football. They were pretty defensive minded at first, stayed close to home until they got a blockbuster game plan from the Holy Spirit and some pretty good reserves in Stephen and Philip…then Paul and Barnabas. Then, like the old Green Bay Sweep, took the world by storm! That aside, Tebow is vocal and visual about his faith and his walk matches his talk which says volumes. Stars from sports, rap, country music. . .you name it, have often given ‘credit’ to God for their accomplishments, genuflected before striding to plate, or donned conspicuous crosses around their necks. How many times have we heard someone ‘thank God’ for this or that, only to see their public lives make a mockery of the God they just thanked? A good tree produces good fruit. The proof of one’s devotion to God is not only what one says, but what one does in our world. Tebow is conspicuous with both.